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With our program it is very simple process. You type, and you get paid. The more you type, the more you get paid. This is not an e-book, or a list of companies that you have to apply to and hope you get the job. This is an actual work-at-home typing training program. Our colleagues receive complete online training and guidance. You are NOT paying for a job the job is paying you.

We provide all of our colleagues the necessary training, resources, software, tools and jobs. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step program we provide and you will be getting paid providing valuable content for the companies we work with.

If you are not a good typist, speller, or have the best grammar, we will give you training and tutorials to help you. We even have automated solutions that will create the content for you to type for the companies. You will have opportunities to type in different languages if you choose because we work with companies from all over the world and in many languages.

Our typist NEVER have to type ads, or be subject to spend ANY additional money for software, for programs like Pay-Per-Clicks (Google AdWords) which can be very costly and not give any income in return. 

We only expect our work-at-home typist to provide the content that is required and will get paid for their efforts. As you will find with many work-at-home websites on the Internet that say they offer type-at-home jobs, but you find out it is really a deceptive way of saying they want you to type ads for their company, and the only way you will be paid is if someone joins their site off your ad. This sound familiar?

With Web Colleagues:
No waiting for work --- We train you how to create the work and get paid for your work.
No relying on someone else to make money.
No advertising, typing ads, affiliate marketing, or cold calling.
Work in a field that will have more demand than supply --- your the supplier.
Work in a field that is expected to grow faster than anything else ever seen online or in real world.
The ability to get started with out having to spend any money.
No having to have a website, inventory or sell products, having to ship products.
The ability to work from home, from any country, and work in just about any language.
A job that the only requirements is a computer and Internet connection.

Are you looking for work right now? Do you want an easy way to earn money on the Internet from home that is real -- no bull, no fluff, just the facts, please? Then do we have a real career opportunity for you! After learning the details, you can literally be bringing an income from writing simple articles within 24 hours. Read on for how and why.

Everything You Read Here is Backed Up by Facts!

The Foundation of  Web Colleagues and The Opportunities We Offer --- It's Real

One of the most important things when you research any money-making opportunity is to look at the foundation. What that means is what are the logistics involved and is this a real way to generate income.

I'm positive you have seen these get-rich-quick programs all over the Internet. They tell you that you can make a million dollars in one week and if you buy their program they will show you how. You then buy the "Be a Millionaire in a Week" program and find out how that person became a millionaire, they just took your money and you have nothing to show for it. This is a sad but true reality.

The biggest problem is that they never showed you any foundation. How do you generate the income! what you have to do to generate an income! and what the realism of what you will need to do to generate an income!. Well, We are here to lay that foundation and we will explain in detail everything you will be doing and that this is a real opportunity that creates income for many of our colleagues today.

Finally, A Real Way to Make Money on the Internet as a Freelance Article Writer

What is this type of writing? Internet article writing which comes in many different forms we will be explaining. And, we have been doing it since the fall of 2001. Within the first few years we had over five thousands article writers doing our program. We now have over thirty thousands article writers we can attribute to through our program.

Over the recent years we have seen the demand grow so much that thirty thousands article writers can't even make a dent in the amount of work that is currently available and it is growing at the fastest pace over the recent years. We will be explaining exactly why this is to prove this is truly a legitimate opportunity.

Why Internet Article Writers are In High Demand --- And Will Be For Years to Come!

Websites and blogs need a lot of content (ie, articles and blog posts) because each article or post only uses one or two keyword phrases -- at the most. But, as web surfers use different keyword phrases to search, they need lots of different articles with lots of different keyword phrases.

The content that you will provide will come in many different formats as we will touch on all of them.

One of the most popular formats is called SEO content articles.

What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It's a way that most of the millions of websites and/or blogs survive nowadays on the Internet. SEO is how websites are seen by search engines. All of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and GoPit look for fresh content and keyphrases on websites and blogs. This is how websites and blogs get ranked by these search engines, and as you can imagine a better ranking means more money.

Let's talk about SEO content (aka SEO articles, SEO web copy, SEO writing) is copy that is written specifically to drive traffic to a website and/or blog. This is accomplished using "keyword phrases" (explained below). Following is an example for illustrative purposes.

Pretend that you wanted to have an old oil painting restored. To find an art restorer, you would probably go to the internet and type in phrases like "art restorer", "art restoration", and/or "restoration of art". These are keyword phrases.

If you were the owner of this type of business, you would hire a SEO content publisher or an article writer to write articles with these keyword phrases. SEO content articles tend to be short -- 300-500 words. They can be longer but this is the average length.

Online businesses will spend as much as 1/2 their budget on SEO. The most effective way for these businesses to get SEO is through your content articles.

How about some proof about the growth of SEO content article writers in the years to come.

Do a search for "2013 online advertising" and read a few of the quarter figures for advertising spending in 2013. As we mentioned earlier online companies budget big money on advertising, and most of that money deals with updating their content for better SEO. As you are now learning the most effective way is to pay YOU to write these short articles to better their SEO.

Professional SEO copywriters (aka article writers, web content providers, etc.) will be in great demand for years to come, if the following is anything to go by:

B2B Magazine's "2014 Outlook Survey" showed that online advertising is poised to see significant growth in 2014. How significant? 74% of B2B marketers planned to increase their online ad spending in 2014 from the previous year. This was the largest increase compared to staging events, and using print and direct mail.

The magazine cited social media, mobile marketing and content marketing as the top three B2B Marketing trends in 2014. SEO writers provide content in all of these areas, which means there is a plethora of work across various means.

There are more web pages that need content articles than there will ever be content writers. The demand is way too overwhelming for supply...and you are the supplier. So you see the amount of work is endless.

Experts predict that over 100,000 new websites enter the Internet PER DAY! So this opportunity is going to only get bigger than it already is.

So we just touched on the foundation and realism of this opportunity, let's talk about what exactly you will be doing...

Web Colleagues Job Descriptions and Training

There are four primary programs we provide for our colleagues. You can submit your articles in different manners that will also create different income sources from the four programs we provide.

Here are the four programs we will give you the complete training and jobs:

SEO Content Article Writer

There is great variety of freelance article writing job opportunities. However, with our program we will train you on how to be a SEO content article writer, which is the most sought after type of content article writing jobs on the Internet. It is also the one job that doesn't have enough qualified people. Our program will train you on how to be a professional SEO content article writer.

Writing articles for websites/blogs: You will write articles on everything from iPads, to weight loss, to cake decorating. Most articles you will create are 300-500 words, and take anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to write using conventional writing methods; we will teach you a few short cuts that will produce top quality articles in as little as 10 minutes or less on any subject under the sun.

The more experience you get as an SEO content article writer, the faster you will be able to complete an articles. This means you make even more money.

Many of our SEO content article writers working 4 hours a day or less are making over $150K a year.

If you are just wanting to make this a part-time job (working 1/2 hour per day) completing two articles is equivalent to an extra $250 week if you're earning $25/article and work five days a week. That's an extra $1,000/month -- better than most part-time jobs! Who couldn't use that?

That's how crazy easy it is to make money as an SEO article writer. And, it's so easy because clients want content written by writers who understand SEO. Remember, very few freelance article writers do. So, when clients run across writers who do understand SEO writing, they're more than willing to pay them well.

If you know how to read, surf the web and find information, SEO content articles are easy to write.

Here's What We Are Going to Teach You in Our Program:

We will teach you all about SEO and how to prepare a simple SEO content articles. These articles will meet the criteria of websites and publishers that will make you look like a professional SEO content article writer. 

We will teach you how to create these simple articles on any subject, even if you know nothing about the subject you are writing about.

We will show you how to create 300 - 500 word articles in half the time using a few tricks we have learned.

We will show you the best content-article publishing companies who will pay the best, and send you endless amount of work.

We will show you how to deal directly with website or blog clients to create a relationship that will send you more work you will know what to do with.

Blog Article Writer

One of the most lucrative business that has come about over the recent years is blogging. Many people will create blogs to interact with people and to have fun. However, there is ways to monetize blogging that can create an income that many only dream of.

Blog marketing will deal with posting short articles on your own personal blogs. You will then put income sources from advertisers, publishers, other bloggers that will pay you for doing so. You can earn money simply when someone reads your blogs.

We have many colleagues that have several blogs on the Internet that make them as much as $2000 to $3000 per month. They only need to spend a few minutes a day doing a few updates and their done.
This will be residual income that will keep growing monthly.

Here's What We Are Going to Teach You in Our Program:

We will teach you how to set up blogs on which ever subjects you choose. The blogs are completely free to set up, and you are never charged. You can set up unlimited blogs under one account which makes it easy for access and making your posts, or adding additional articles.

We provide all the companies (Over 30,000 currently) that will pay you to post their ads on your blogs. You will find almost every type of Internet company you can think of that is willing to pay you to be on your blog. We have fortune 500 companies such as Wal Mart, Apple, American Express, eBay, Netflix, Target to name just a few.

We will teach you how to use your SEO content articles for your own personal blogs that will get them ranked to the top of the search engines.

We will show you how to monetize your blogs from several different income sources to assure you earn money.

Article Writing Revenue Sharing

Another income source we will teach you will deal with publishing companies that will share advertising revenue directly with you on a 50/50 split.

What you do is post your short article on their publishing site. The revenue-sharing site will give away your articles for free to people who want to use them in their websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. These publishing sites make their money with advertisers posting ads on their site. They will share 50% of their advertising revenue with you.

We found that this can make some very good money using articles you have already created for your blogs. So one article now produces you two incomes.

Here's What We Are Going to Teach You in Our Program:

We will show you the best article revenue-sharing companies that pay the best and are a reliable income.

We will teach you which articles work the best on the different revenue-sharing sites.

We will teach you how to use current articles you have created to use on these revenue-sharing sites, so you don't need to double your work.

Response Typing

We have been writing articles on the Internet for several years and have come across many different opportunities that can earn you money from writing; all of which we are going to share with you in our program. One opportunity we found to be not only fun, but rewarding.

It is called forum-revenue posting or response typing and you can get paid for each post you make to these forums. Now this is not going to be your main source of income by any means, but you can earn a few bucks for simply responding or chatting with other members.

You can get paid for your simple response posts, or creating your own subject string. You then you get paid when other members respond to your post.

You never pay for anything as the forums will pay you.

Posts pay very little but can add up if you spend the time. Again, it is more for fun, but you get paid to have fun.

Writing articles for blog posts: Also as a response typist you can earn money posting short articles to blogs, viewing other people's blogs and getting paid to respond to their blog content. These blog posts can be anywhere from 100-300 words long, and take as little as 15 minutes to bang out. We have members that can do as many as ten of these posts in less than 2 hours.

Earning an average of $15 per blog post, that's $150 for two hours of work using conventional writing. If you use our short cut you can do twice as many blog articles,
which works out to be $300 for two hours of work.

Another money-making program offered as a response typist is getting paid to surf the Internet. Nothing to purchase, just visit sites in our program and get paid for each site you visit.

Here's What We Are Going to Teach You in Our Program:

We will show you how to easily get signed up with these paying forums.

We will show you what posts get the best response; remember the more posts mean more money.

We will show what NOT to do on these forums. It is important to know the rules because these forums don't tolerate misuse.

 Sample Articles - Take a look at some sample articles used in the various article writing opportunities we offer submitted by members to see how easy this really is!

How Much Money You Can Earn as an Article Provider!

Here is a list the top article writers YTD - With just one publisher

The average article will pay $25, so if you do the math with the totals above you will see the income is in the thousands for these article writers from just ONE article publishing company out of hundreds available.

The following is an example pay report for one month period:

Most of the time when something sounds too good to be true, it is. That is why we are telling you that it will take an effort and that it is an actual type-at-home job. This program is not a matter of pushing a button and here is your money. Our program really does work if you follow the complete guidance and training. 

We have found from trying almost every type of work-at-home business on the Internet, that this is the best opportunity you will find. We dare you to find a better work from home opportunity on the Internet today. This is how strongly and confident we feel of our program.

If you're sceptical of these claims, we certainly don't blame you. However, article content writers are for
real and in high demand. And anything that is in high demand can always make you money. This works and generates income!

Let us assure you, the above results are absolutely attainable. And many article writers are already doing this, with very little work. (You can try it for yourself, without risking a penny.)

How and When You Are Paid For Your Articles

Once you create the short articles for any of the thousands of companies we provide, they will be used in one or all of the four primary programs we will train you on. You can get paid for submitting your article to the SEO publishing companies we provide, get paid for posting your articles to blogs, get paid for submitting your article to forums, get paid for submitting your article to revenue sharing companies as well as several other ways to get paid for your articles.

Use the same article and get paid using all the sources we provide. As we will train you that creating a simple paragraph article can create multiple streams of income. Sometimes the article publishing companies may want to purchase the rights to your article, and then you will be paid a very nice amount of money for the rights. We will cover all of this in in great detail in our training.

One article you create can produce a residual income once it is posted. You will be paid through multiple streams of income by a few different pay sources we provide. 

Most payments for your earnings are by mailed check, direct bank transfer, or PayPal account. For countries not allowed to use PayPal you can use International pay processors Payza, Moneybookers, or OkPay to receive your International payment for your earnings.

It will be your choice in most cases how you receive your money. These pay sources pay once a month, twice a month, or immediately after article is posted; one will allow you to withdraw funds by electronic transfer whenever you want.

Most of the payments are in USD but can be converted into the currency of your choice. 

It's Not Just About the Articles

Article writing is the best way to create income because it is quick, easy,
free, and it can continue to work for indefinitely, without  having to do any additional work.

Unfortunately, as amazing as this opportunity is, it is also one of the most misunderstood and misused opportunities out there.
Most people who do article writing (incorrectly) see mediocre or poor results.

Contrary to what many people think, article writing is not about bombarding the Internet with as many articles as you can possibly churn (or spin) out. There's a little more to it than that.
When used correctly, each article that you publish can become an income source - and an on going residual income source at that.

It is very important to have the right guidance, learn all the top strategies to make this an easy and successful career that can make money on the Internet working from home.

That is what we are willing to show you on a professional level. Everything we know, you will know in our detailed training program. But before we go into that we want to go over in more detail what being an article writer is all about.

This program isn't just about writing and publishing articles. We also show you a few other interesting strategies to add to your article writing, to make it even more powerful and profitable. It's one of the best ways to leverage your efforts and resources that exists.

This is a strategy that even a complete beginner to article writing, with little to no experience, can use to start pulling in an income!

We also share some of the biggest mistakes most people make with article writing, and why its causing them to leave thousands of dollars on the table, that could have easily been in their pockets.

So, if you've been trying various work-from-home money-making opportunities, and not quite seeing the kind of results you want (or even if you've tried article writing, without much success,) you should give this program a shot.

Requirements for Becoming a Web Colleague

You will need to have a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet with Internet connection (dial up okay).

You will need to have ONE of the following operating systems (Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP 32 or 64 bit, Vista 32 or 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 8 any MAC platform, OS6 or Linux).

You will need to be able to understand English language for training purposes, or you can convert the training to a language of your choice using special language tools.

You will need to have an extra 45 to 60 minutes a day to update and submit your article content. 

You must be willing to put in an honest effort and to create and submit your articles to earn an income.

You will need to have basic typing skills and basic computer knowledge. Our training will even help with this as well.

We have designed this program with great detail. We only want people that are serious about a legitimate work-at-home program. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn what we show you through our training, do the tasks required to earn income, then this program works. Please don't join our program if you DON'T plan on trying to learn and apply yourself and do as we whow you in the training. This is just a wasting your time, and our time.


Working as an Independent Contractor

You will be an independent contractor for Web Colleagues and will be responsible for your earnings and taxes. Web Colleagues will never ask you for personal information directly to assure your privacy and security. Web Colleagues will not provide any jobs, or work directly. Therefor we never pay you for your work, or take any payment from you for your work.

We will include some important tips and tutorials to help you with being an independent contractor such as how to get personal EIN (Employer Identification Number) directly from the IRS for U.S. colleagues. For International colleagues will be required to report their earnings per their country's tax requirements.

You will be able to easily track your quarterly and yearly earnings with the special pay administrative and publisher companies we deal with to make this part of your job very easy.

Complete Online Member Support - Web Colleagues provides free online support to all of our colleagues. We make sure you are on the correct path to success and you never get charged for online support. We do offer phone support as an option as well.

Bonus Programs For Our Colleagues

Colleagues Bonus #1

All of our colleagues will get Facebook Rockstar System, $199 Value, Absolutely FREE!
This video training program will teach you how to use Facebook to create additional income with your article writing

Colleagues Bonus #2

All of our colleagues will also get Fanpage Dollars, $49.00 Value, Absolutely FREE!
Another training program to teach you the tricks used on Facebook to earn income.

Colleagues Bonus #3

Our colleagues will get Cashing in on Craigslist Profits, $79.00 Value, Absolutely FREE!
Another training program learn how to utilize Craigslist which can also help you with your article writing.

Colleagues Bonus #4

Our colleagues will get iProfits, $99.00 Value, Absolutely FREE!
This is a hot selling money making programs on the Internet.

Colleagues Bonus #5

Our colleagues will get FREE PCTV, $39.95 Value, Absolutely FREE!
Get 9,000 TV channels directly on your PC, laptop, iPad, or tablet. This will keep you entertained while you are creating your articles.

We only have limited bonuses... It's first come first serve.

What Our Colleagues Are Saying About Our Program!


I recently purchased a membership with your program and I have to say how refreshing it is to see a program that actually works. The training I have received is top notch and I have already started seeing income the first week. I never thought I would be able to do this type of work but your program has put that to rest. Thank you for your fabulous program and I wish you the best success.

Tom P. - San Antonio TX, U.S.A
Mark Hendricks Loves the Web 2.0 Resource Bible
Ross Goldberg calls the Web 2.0 Resource Bible Hello,

I have to say you were right on the money when you said "99% of work-from-home opportunities deal with sales." I have tried everything from Amway to real estate marketing and every one of these opportunities deals with me having to sell something to get paid. This is a "one-of-a-kind" program that I am making money with out having to market or sell anything. Your training is very effective and I must credit my recent success to this program you offer. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me.

David & Lisa F. - Corona CA, U.S.A.
To Web Colleagues:

Being from India it has been a very hard time to find an online employment opportunity that I can benefit. I am so happy that I found your company. There is no limits as I have seen that will effect me earning money from my country. This is the best program I have seen on the internet. I congratulate you on your fine company.

Kanad S. - Bhopal, India
Irwin Glenn - Web 2.0 Consultant and Strategist
Elsom Eldridge, Jr - Best-Selling Author of the

With so many scams I was pleased to actually see something that is promising. I was amazed how easy it is to create my articles with your software you provide and the tutorials. If anyone is hesitant or skeptical about trying this program, just show them this email and hopefully it will set them at ease.

Martha T. - Montreal, Canada


As a work-from-home entrepreneur I have to say you offer the best program I have seen on the Internet. So many work-from-home opportunities lack the details needing to succeed. Your program is very in depth with its tutorials. I am very excited for my future with all the possibilities you offer. I will be happy to report my status as I apply myself and start earning more money. I have already started making  some money and I am only in this a week or so. I figured you deserved the praise for this marvelous program you offer.

 Peter S. - U.K.

David Perdew of Maximize Communications
Lawrence Hoyle says this Web 2.0 Bible is a must have.


We have spoke a few times in the past and I had been mentioning all the success with your program. I have been a member now for almost a year and I am happy to report that I am currently making a consistent $500 per day. I am attaching some of my current pay reports and proof to share with your members to show this really works as you explained before I joined. I can not say enough about what I have learned and have experienced with the success I have had in the past year. It is so nice to finally be able to work from home with something that actually works and I have so much fun doing so. Thank you for everything.

Ellen P. - Lexington, KY

(We have shown the results Ellen has had in the members' training of our program)

Hello Colleagues,

I ran in to your website a while back and I had to admit that I was skeptical like most people about this program. As a foreign resident it has always been very difficult to find anything to make money on the web. Many websites tell you that you can make money from anywhere in the world to only find out that it is designed for United Stated residents. I have not found any part of your program that I am not able to make money by creating articles. This is a true international program that offers the same opportunities for me as anyone else. I am going to spread the word to people in my country about your fine program you offer. Thank you.

Rosa T. - Philippines
Ross Goldberg calls the Web 2.0 Resource Bible
I never thought that creating articles could be so easy and enjoyable. With everything you have given me I am able to do this with out much effort. I may be the most novice of all the members of your program and I was able to do this with out any problems. So I will have to day if I can do this, then anyone can do this :) God bless!

Pam  D. - Rocky Mount, NC
Hello from Australia

You can add me to your list of happy members and most important successful members. I have only been doing this for a few weeks and I am already having some good success. Until I tried your offer I never made any money with online opportunities. I made more money in the first few weeks then I ever did with any other make money from home programs. I don't think you can really appreciate this program until you have tried the others which usually are scams anyways. My future is looking promising thanks to you.

Pearson E. - Brisbane AUS
Irwin Glenn - Web 2.0 Consultant and Strategist


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Consumer-Rated gave Web Colleagues "5-Star Rating" for the past
36 months in a row.

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Testimonial Disclosure

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Here is Exactly What We Will Do For Our Colleagues

Web Colleagues will assign you a special login account with our program on our servers so you can login and begin your training and working.

Web Colleagues will give you complete step-by-step training for all four of our work-at-home article writing programs.

Web Colleagues will supply you with any needed software, word processor, article submitters, and more... 

Web Colleagues will get you set up with special pay accounts to track your earnings for all of articles you create.

Web Colleagues will train you how to create articles with ease; create articles in as little as 10 minutes for some of the jobs we offer.

Web Colleagues will get you working with additional companies for other streams of income from the article typing you complete.

Web Colleagues will teach you how to type effectively, and what to type that will match any of the companies' SEO content.

Web Colleagues will show you which publishers and companies are the best and will pay you the most.

Web Colleagues will give you free support on the program to assure you are on the right track to get you earning income.

As a WEB Colleague you will be given all the tools and guidance to be successful and make this all work.

Membership Access

Web Collegues is not charging for a business or franchise opportunity. As a matter of fact we are not even charging for the training, tools, resources or software, etc.

Web Colleagues charges a one-time hosting access account setup fee that covers getting you a username and password to login and access the complete training, tools, resources,and software. The fee is to cover the hosting fees for your members account that is charged to us by our hosting company.

The $47.00 charge is for online access, data transfer, and bandwidth use for our online program.

Just to clarify, we are not charging you any money for the training, tools, resources, or software we provide.

We assure that no other charges for this program or for anything we present will cost any additional money.

Web Colleagues one-time members' access fee is $47.00

Web Colleagues doesn't make a profit off your membership. If you think we do, then add up everything we give you including the software and it is costing us money for you to join. As a matter of fact we sell our article posting software suite sells for the price of this membership by itself SEE HERE (don't order the software we give it to you for free as part of your membership)

So this confirms you are not paying for any of the training or jobs, and we are not making any money off your membership.

If your curious how we make our money. We will make our income off the companies that need the SEO content --- Not You!

On top of that, if you decide to become a colleague and feel the program is not for you, we will refund 100% of the members access set up fee you paid. This makes this program completely risk free so you can at least try the program and see what it is all about without losing any money. Like most of the other work-at-home programs will not offer this kind of guarantee because they are one, only making money off your membership, and two, they do not have anything to stand behind.

Please see the refund policy below:

No Risk 60 Day Guarantee!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Become a Colleague risk free today! If you purchase your members access, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after following the training and apply yourself to the jobs in Web Colleagues, you still can't make any money online, feel this program is too much work, or for what ever reason, just let us know and you shall receive all your members' access fee back. We will also let you keep the downloaded bonuses worth $426.00.

  Become a Web Colleague today and get instant colleagues access now and finally discover the keys to online success!

100% Secure Team Members Acceptance Enrollment Form

I want to be one of the exclusive team members who gets instant access to this training program, including all the training, resources, tools and software that is needed to do as I am shown in the training and earn money.

I'm ready to put in the effort needed to follow this program and make REAL, CONSISTENT money with the legitimate opportunities that I will perform from the comfort of my own home.

I am aware that Web Colleagues is taking all the risk out of this small one-time fee I am completely covered by Web Colleagues' 60-day members' fee money-back guarantee. I will be refunded 100% of my membership account access and licensing fee if I am not totally happy with this program for any reason. All that is require of me is to email a copy of my pay receipt and I will be refunded all of my money I paid at sign up.

I also understand that a one-time only hosting access $47.00 fee is the only money I will EVER have to pay for everything that is offered with this program.  The earnings I can make, and any earnings are completely my own and are obtained by my own efforts.

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